Selected Skills
  • Color Management
  • Finishing/Delivery
What I Do
  • Broadcast/Web Reality
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Communication
  • Music Videos
  • Short Films

Luke Ross is a professional freelance colourist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He graduated from the New Zealand Broadcasting School in 2018 and travelled to the United Kingdom where he spent two years working on Baselight as a Colourist Assistant.

Key highlights of his career include working on independent feature films and television drama at Lipsync Post in London, building a successful YouTube channel ‘lukerosspost’ focused around Baselight educational content – and working on AppleTV+ and Netflix docu-series at [email protected] in Bristol.

COVID-19 brought him back home to New Zealand, where he is currently freelancing as a colourist and working full-time as a Content Producer for the New Zealand Parliamentary Service. He could be tempted to return full-time to Baselight as a Colourist Assistant or Colourist in the near future.

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