An Overview Of The Mind-Blending Control Panel In Baselight Student

March 17, 2022

Luke Ross teaches you how to use Blending Strips in the free Baselight Student. Plus, go down the rabbit hole of the Blending Control Panel.


Part 10: Understanding Blending Strips and the Powerful Blending Control Panel

You are now ready to learn about all things blending – the Baselight way. Discover two ways to use a Blend operator to combine two inputs in Baselight. It’s a useful function that allows users to blend different shots and overlay film grain/exterior sources.

Secondly, you get an introduction to the mind-bending Blend Control Panel interface. I explain how it works and how it can be used to enhance your grading. You quickly see how Baselight’s blending tool goes way beyond the composite modes you’re used to in DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, or After Effects. It has an options-within-options user interface that takes a minute to wrap your brain around – and is best learned by actually playing with… after someone like me explains its basic functionality.

Learning goals for this Insight

Given the complexity of the Blending Control Panel, this Insight is very focused. You learn:

  • How to use and apply a Blend Strip
  • How to find and use the Blend Control Panel to finesse the blending options in your grade stack
  • The immense power of the various input options within the Blend Control Panel

Questions or Comments?

As we move beyond the core color grading tools and into more complex operations, topics like this can be very confusing until you develop some muscle memory with Baselight and experiment. But when experimenting it can be very useful to ask questions of someone who’s ‘been there, done that’.

Please do use the comments below and ask away!

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