Understanding The Basics of Baselight Student’s Colour Management Framework

February 11, 2022

In Part 8 of our series, learn the three colour space options that are essential to correctly colour grading in Baselight Student.


Learning Baselight Student Part 8: Working, Input, and Viewing Colour Spaces Explained

We are getting closer to actually color grading in Baselight Student, wrapping up the fundamentals of project setup! But first, you need to understand Baselight’s colour management system. In most other post production software the complexity of colour management is hidden from you. Baselight, conversely, expects you to have an active role in managing your colour pipeline.

Understanding Truelight Colour Spaces

In this Insight, you learn the basics of Baselight’s colour management framework, Truelight Colour Spaces. Specifically, we’ll dig into three colour space options that are essential to understand and set up correctly when colour grading in Baselight:

  • Working Colour Space: This is the colour space where all your colour grading operations take place.
  • Input Colour Space: This setting infroms Baselight of how the footage was captured so it can do a proper mathmatical image transform into the Working Colour Space.
  • Viewing Colour Space: How are you viewing your image while colour grading? That’s what this option should match, to ensure you’re properly viewing your images.

When watching this Insight, notice how Baselight groups your colour space options into scene-referred and display-referred. If you’re new to colour space management, this grouping really helps you think about the choices you’re making.

If you’ve had experience with Resolve Color Management, these terms are probably familiar to you. By the end of this Insight, you’ll understand Baselight’s implementation of these colour space options and how to prep your ‘colour space story’ for your individual setup.

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