How To Organize Media Using the Shots View In Baselight Student

January 29, 2022

Learn essential features of Baselight's 'Shots View' to prepare a scene for grading, including the 'Group Grading' hotkey for bulk changes.


Learning Baselight Student Part 7: Managing and organizing your media from a central location

Baselight can occasionally feel like there’s no central hub or area for organizing your project. If that’s how you’re feeling – you need to watch this Insight and learn about the Shots View! The Shots View is an essential tool that gives you control of your media and helps you see an overview of your project.

The Shots View is one of those tools I always have on standby and it always helps me with my project management. 

In this Insight you’ll learn:

  • How to add/remove metadata columns in the Shots View.
  • The difference between ‘Cuts View Shots’ and ‘Stack Top Strips’ selection.
  • Changing metadata for multiple shots using ‘Group Grading’, including modifying color space tags.
  • Bulk renaming strips using Expressions. 
  • Filtering shots: Including exporting extremely impressive PDFs and/or EDLs of your filtered shots.
  • Finding missing media in your scene – and the limitations of the ‘Select Missing Media’ macro.

Questions or Comments?

As always, I’m monitoring comments if you have questions, comments, or observations. Join the conversation!

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Homepage Forums How To Organize Media Using the Shots View In Baselight Student

  • karl


    I’m getting an Error when attempting to download this video.

    Any advice? Or is this a know issue?

  • RAMI A

    hello Luke,

    let’s say you have VFX tab and you need to add clips to it how did you add it?

    thank you great inside

  • Pat Inhofer

    Karl – Thanks for letting us know! It’s fixed. You should be able to download.

  • Luke Ross

    Hey Rami! There would be a few different ways that you could do it, but the one that springs to mind first is as follows: if you tag your VFX on the timeline using strip categories, you could then apply a strip category filter on the VFX tab in the Shots View and your VFX would appear 🙂

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