A Complete Guide to Baselight’s Base Grade Operator

September 7, 2023

Luke Ross helps you master every Base Grade operator control in Baselight - and challenges Resolve users to figure out equivalent operations.


Master Baselight’s Powerful Base Grade Operator

In this Insight, we take a deep dive into the Base Grade operator in Baselight, walking through everything you need to know if you’ve never used it. I cover every aspect of this tool:

  • Changing the zone pivot and falloff
  • Operating the pick-and-match function
  • Understanding how the Base Grade contrast and saturation sliders differ from other operators.

If all of that goes over your head, don’t worry; by the end of this Insight, you’ll understand it all!

Plus, this Insight is packed with a ton of tips and tricks to improve your grading.

Important Note – The Base Grade operator is a color-space-aware tool. This means that it is essential that the Input Color Space of your footage and the Viewing Color Space in your scene are set up correctly – if not, the Base Grade Operator may not react the way that you expect.

DaVinci Resolve Users

I encourage you to watch this Insight and think about how you might mimic some of the behaviors of the Base Grade operator in Resolve.

Question: Think about the HDR Color Wheels; how would you set them up to give you similar controls to the Dim and Light controls?

Consider: Would you use the Offset Wheels or the HDR Global controls to mimic Base Grade’s Balance controls?

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight, you should understand how to:

  • Navigate the Base Grade operator UI
  • Create custom UI presets
  • Adjust exposure and white balance using the Balance tool
  • Apply targeted zone adjustments using the Dim, Light, Dark, and Bright wheels
  • Manipulate pivot and falloff to finesse zones
  • Use the Histogram/Waveform display to monitor and change pivot points
  • Evaluate the differences between Base Grade contrast and saturation controls versus other operators
  • Use the Flare tool to fine-tune black levels
  • Use the pick and match feature to automatically adjust the Balance tool for technical and creative matching

External Links

To start your own Baselight learning journey, download Baselight Look from Filmlight

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Questions or Comments? Leave a comment!

Are you using the Base Grade Operator? Have you thought about which tools might be equivalent in DaVinci Resolve? Let me know! Including if you have something to add, or if you have more questions you need answered?

– Luke

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