Automatic Naming Using Metadata Variables in DaVinci Resolve

January 24, 2024

Luke Ross explores DaVinci Resolve's 'Metadata Variables'. Learn how to generate still, burn-in, and render setting names - automagically.

Handy tips for automating tedious tasks

DaVinci Resolve’s Media page, bins, and metadata panel offer many easy-to-use tools for project organization. But did you know that you can take groups of information from one metadata field and automatically send it elsewhere in Resolve? In this Insight, we’ll cover three ways to get these metadata variables working for you and speed up your workflow.

Getting started with Metadata Variables

The three use cases in this Insight will be:

  • Automatically generating a label for stills in the Gallery
  • Adding dynamic keywords in the Data Burn palette
  • Creating a dynamic render preset in the Render tab.

Note: Utilizing a metadata variable that references an empty metadata field will render no characters, so be cautious and always double-check that the metadata variables have worked as expected.

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight, you should understand how to:

  • Enable automatic labeling of stills in the Gallery using metadata variables
  • Create a custom text field in the Data Burn palette using metadata variables
  • Create a powerful, dynamic render preset using metadata variables
In this example, ‘Project Name’ is a metadata variable that will automatically update to the current Project Name.

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Questions or Comments? Leave a comment!

How do you use metadata variables in your workflow? I bet there are plenty of use cases that I haven’t used before, so share any tips you have below!

– Luke

List of available metadata variables:

Clip Metadata Metadata Editor MetadataMedia Pool Metadata Timeline and Project MetadataLegacy Metadata 
File Name All Shot Scene metadata File name Group EDL Tape Number: Tape number extracted from imported EDL
Clip Directory All Clip Details metadataReel name Timeline Name Render Resolution: Resolution of the rendered file EDL
Video Codec All Camera metadataFile path Project Name Event Number: DaVinci Resolve-generated index number of the clip in the timeline
Data Level All Tech Details metadata Video Codec Track Number Version: Version Name of the rendered file
KeyKode All Stereo 3D VFX metadata IDT Track Name Eye: Stereo session, “Left” or “Right”
All Audio metadataInput LUT Render Codec Reel Number: Reel Name extracted by DaVinci Resolve from source filename or clip name
All Audio Tracks metadataPAR NotesTimeline Index: Event number from imported EDL
All Production metadataData Level
All Production Crew metadataDescription
All Reviewed By metadataComments
Roll/Card #
Input Color Space
Input Sizing Preset
Start TC
End TC
Optimized Media
This list current for DaVinci Resolve 18.6.4

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