How To Manage Your Timeline For Efficient Color Grade Copying Operations In Baselight Student

July 20, 2022

In Baselight Student, learn how to copy and paste grades to shots & scenes, including the ‘intelligent paste’ & using the Playback Filter.


Note: As an experiment, this series is being cross-posted to Mixing Light’s YouTube channel – these Insights will appear there one to two weeks after being first released into the Insights Color Library.

Learning Baselight Student – Part 15

At this point in the series, you have a strong working knowledge of how to organize a project and execute the foundational tasks of color grading. But what happens after you’ve graded a shot in Baselight and need to manage your work?

 In this Insight, you learn the various ways that you can copy and paste grades to different shots, including the ‘intelligent paste’. You will also explore the Playback Filter, making the color grade management process easier.

As you watch this Insight, you can see how we’re now building on many earlier Insights in this series. If anything I do is confusing, I’ve added some related links below to jump you to those Insights that explain these topics.

Key takeaways from this Insight

  • How to use copy and paste commands to transfer grades
  • Why you should avoid the ‘force paste’ command and how it differs from the ‘intelligent paste’ command
  • How to use Cut View thumbnail shortcuts to transfer color grades and decide what gets copied
  • How to apply and create your own Playback Filter
  • How to mark shots for the Playback Filter if you don’t have source footage metadata
  • The meaning of the ‘DBS’ button and how to transfer grades using the ‘Dark Blue Square’

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– Luke

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