Selected Skills
  • Composting
  • Motion Graphics
  • VFX
What I Do
  • Broadcast/Web Scripted Long Form
  • Commercials
  • Feature Narrative
  • Short Films

Bernd is a freelance VFX artist and also a Blackmagic Design certified trainer for DaVinci Resolve and Fusion. With a focus on compositing, he has worked on a broad range of projects, from scripted dramas to documentaries. As a trainer, he has taught courses on behalf of Blackmagic Design and has built a strong online presence through his platform where he teaches online courses and releases regular free tutorials.

He also started teaching courses in German through Bernd holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and has prior work experience in technology consulting and training. Bernd loves technical challenges and always looks for ways to make advanced techniques more accessible to a larger audience. This can take the form of solving a workflow integration with a client, breaking down a mathematical concept into a beginner-friendly YouTube tutorial, building a new tool for Fusion, and now, creating Insights for

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Tutorials by Bernd Klimm

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Fusion Tools for Colorists - Shot Matching Composites In Fusion

Senior Compositor and Trainer Bernd Klim shares his tips and tricks on color-matching live-action footage in DaVinci Resolve Fusion.

Fusion Tools for Colorists - Building Color Page Grading Tools

There are useful Color Page grading tools that don't exist in Fusion. No worries, get guidance on creating them yourself.

Fusion Tools for Colorists - Getting Comfortable Grading in Fusion

Learn to use the color-grading tools in Fusion, from Curves to Printer Lights while displaying multiple scopes with the viewer's A/B buffers.

Fusion Alpha Channel Manipulations 201: Advanced Tips & Tricks

VFX artist Bernd Klimm shares tips for creating advanced custom edge masks for better compositing and light effects in Resolve Fusion.

Alpha Channel Manipulations 101 - Fusion Page Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of alpha channel manipulations, including tonal adjustments, blurs, and combining masks from VFX artist Bernd Klimm.

Animating Fusion Titles - Polishing Your Shared Title Templates

In Part 3, VFX artist Bernd Klimm customizes a shareable animated Fusion title template with expression modifiers, user controls, and macros!

Fusion-Photoshop Painting/Cleaning Workflow – Part 2

VFX artist Bernd Klimm continues his Photoshop to Fusion workflow with tips and tricks for removing an object using painting techniques.

Skill Up: Fusion-Photoshop Painting/Cleaning Workflow - Part 1

VFX artist Bernd Klimm imports one frame of a painted Photoshop still (removing an object) and shows how to composite it into a moving image.

Expert Tips For Rotoscoping in DaVinci Resolve Fusion

Bernd Klimm teaches rotoscoping fundamentals by analyzing movement and creating shapes that can be animated efficiently and consistently.

Refining A Fusion Title Animation & Creating A Reusable Template

Learn how to use shading layers, add intro/outro animations, and package your Fusion animation as a *.drfx template for easy sharing.

How To Build A Custom Fusion Title Template From Scratch - Part 1

VFX specialist and trainer Bernd Klimm joins Team Mixing Light shows how to create a custom Fusion title template to use on the Edit Page.