Refining A Fusion Title Animation And Creating A Reusable Template – Part 2

January 26, 2023

Learn how to use shading layers, add intro/outro animations, and package your Fusion animation as a *.drfx template for easy sharing.


Part 2: Refining Our Fusion Animation & Creating A Shareable Edit Page Effect

We ended Part One after defining all the principal elements and user controls for our preliminary Fusion macro. In Part 2, you complete the layout by positioning the elements with offsets and additional expressions. Plus, you create a mask for our line element using a shading layer.

But we’re not done yet!

How do you adjust your template to the playback range set in the Edit Page?

At the end of this Insight, you learn how to build intro and outro animations efficiently, so your template will automatically adjust to the overall duration of the render range, as set in the edit page.

Finally, it’s publishing time!

We create a preview icon, test the template in the edit page, and create a *.drfx template package that others can install with a simple double click.

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight you should understand how to:

  • Build Masks from Shading Layers
  • Use the Keyframe Stretcher for flexible intro and outro animations
  • Make your template available in the edit page together with a preview icon with a resize of 104 width by 58 height
  • Create an installable *.drfx template package

Additional Downloads

Premium Members can download the:

  • .setting file from the end of Part 1, so you can pick up and precisely follow along with Bernd.
  • .drfx file at the end of this Insight so you can install and deconstruct Bernd’s final template

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– Bernd

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Homepage Forums Refining A Fusion Title Animation And Creating A Reusable Template – Part 2

  • Hi Bernd, Thank you for showing this. I have been looking for just this for ages. I have saved out my macro to use in the edit page, but the first frame shows up as black. Also I can shorted the clip lenght in the edit page, but if I extend it the I loose the animation at the end and I just get black frames. Any Ideas?

    Thanks again


    • Bernd Klimm

      Hi Ben,
      Is it possible that you reduced the Global In/Out range on a Generator node – like on the Text+ node? That could explain it. By default it is set to the maximum render range and also adjusts whenever the render range is changed through the edit page. However, if you manually shorten it, it would no longer adjust and could explain the behavior. Global In/Out points also don’t react to the keyframe stretcher, so usually I would not touch them but leave them on the entire range and use blend values if something needs to end earlier. You can check in the Keyframe editor once to see all the tools and their range. Of course it’s also possible that your problem comes from a blend animation that starts too late or ends too early…

      Hope that helps,


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