Fusion Tools for Colorists – Shot Matching Composites In Fusion

January 6, 2024

Senior Compositor and Trainer Bernd Klim shares his tips and tricks on color-matching live-action footage in DaVinci Resolve Fusion.


Part 3: Advanced grading tips and techniques for compositing

Continuing our series, we explore getting assets to color match inside a composite using the tools in Fusion. We start by analyzing RGB values and determining white and black points on a parade scope – helping assist with blending elements. Then, intermediate techniques – such as the Probe modifier – are used to add dynamic lighting inside a scene.

This Insight uses a clip from Tears of Steel, an open-source science fiction film produced by the Blender Institute. The plates are high quality, and the production was filmed on a Sony F-65. Key techniques you will learn include:

  • Making color adjustments
  • Adding contact shadows
  • Adding flickering effects
  • Matching foreground and background in a composite

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight, you should understand how to:

  • Analyze and match colors from various elements in your Fusion composition
  • Customize the sample size of Fusion’s ‘Color Inspector’ using a quick tip
  • Compare foreground and background composites using A/B buffers
  • Use the parade scopes on the Fusion page
  • Create a contact shadow to blend assets
  • Use the Probe Modifier to analyze luminance changes (such as from a candle) to create lighting effects

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– Bernd

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