Working With The Clone Tool

Working With The Clone Tool in Resolve 11. Dan will be showing you how to paint and clone out elements of your footage.

Resolve 11 - Dan's First Thoughts

Dan Moran takes you on a tour of his favorite new DaVinci Resolve 11 features including grading tools, render caching and much more

How to Use Manual Color Trace in DaVinci Resolve

This is Part 3 in a series on using DaVinci Resolve's Color Trace function. In this final movie we explore the Manual Color Trace mode.

How to Compress Video for YouTube

How do the pros compress video for YouTube at the highest quality? Listen to this interview with specialist Jeff Greenberg.

Sales Techniques For The Owner/Operator

Part 2 in the series The Science Of Not Selling Yourself short explores sales for owner/operators and strategies to get more sales.

Narrowing Your Color Palette

Grading isn't always about adding to your image. Taking away and controlling colors is just as important when building strong images.

Legalizing With No Legalizer & R3D Trimming

In this installment of From The Mailbag we discuss two questions about video legalization & using R3D trimming in Resolve with Remote Grades

Using Color Trace in DaVinci Resolve – Part 2

This is Part 2 in our series on how to use Color Trace in DaVinci Resolve. This is a more advanced example of Automatic Color Trace.

Sky Replacement Challenge

Using a sky replacement we change a simple beach scene into a moody tropical sci fi establishing shot

How to make Blown-Out Highlights Look Intentional

Frequently we need to make blown-out highlights in our videos look intentional. I demonstrate doing that using Lens Flares from Sapphire 7.

Narrative Grading - Time Of Day

In this insight dan takes you through a journey of setting the time of day in a scene. The flow of the story is key when setting a time.

The Tangent Element In SpeedGrade & Good Skin Tone

In this episode of From The Mailbag, we discuss using the Tangent Element In Adobe SpeedGrade & what goes into getting good skin tone.

Using Indie Essentials with DaVinci Resolve

Are you wondering how to use the Indie Essentials quicktime library with DaVinci Resolve? This advanced tutorial demonstrates one workflow.

Best Exposure From Your Raw Files

Working With raw files allows you to to get the best possible results with your footage. Lets start with getting the best exposure

Using Adobe Media Encoder for Dailies & Screeners

In this Insight, learn how to apply Looks/LUTs & burn-in metadata for dailies & screener workflows using Adobe Media Encoder.

Narrative Color Grading: Practice Your Craft By Setting Time Periods

Have you ever had to build a look that helps put a shot into a certain era? Learn how to approach this challenge - and download a 6K RED Dragon shot to give it a shot and share with us.

A Straightforward Approach To Creating Blurred or Glowing Highlights

Learn how to quickly create a blurred or glowing highlights look using DaVinci Resolve

Creating An S-Curve Using The Contrast & Pivot Controls

Learn how to quickly create an S-Curve using the Contrast and Pivot controls in Resolve to add more filmic contrast to shots

The Science Of NOT Selling Yourself Short Part 1

In this Insight learn how by combining traditional sales with talent know how a facility can build an efficient sales pipeline.

Using External Mattes In DaVinci Resolve

When you need precise separation using External Mattes from a Rotoscope artist makes precise grading in DaVinci Resolve a breeze

Adding Grain Efficiently

Adding grain can be hard to manage in Resolve. Dan shows you the easiest way to have grain ready in your colorist toolbox.