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Business (293 tutorials)

Read articles and watch videos related to running a business or being a freelancer in the video post-production business. Learn skills such as communicating with clients, scheduling your time, invoicing  and billing, and learn how to properly bid a color correction job.

DaVinci Resolve (671 tutorials)

Stay on top and keep learning. Our library of DaVinci Resolve tutorials, articles, and podcasts grows every week. Our authors are all working professionals providing information and sharing workflows that are more trustworthy than anything else you'll find on the Internet. Start using DaVinci Resolve like a pro.

DaVinci Resolve Fusion (57 tutorials)

Fusion is a powerful visual effects and 3D compositing tool that is now directly integrated into DaVinci Resolve 15. The tutorials on this page primarily teach you how to use Fusion. Whether you're a full-time colorist, finisher, editor or their assistant it's worthwhile learning this tool.

FilmLight Baselight (34 tutorials)

This page lists our BaseLight Looks 20-part tutorial series. Plus, additional tutorials related to the FilmLight hero color grading system, BaseLight.

Hardware & Gear (133 tutorials)

Are you building a color correction suite? Do you need information and advice on hardware & gear such as graphics cards (GPUs), outboard scopes (Vectorscope, Waveform, RGB Parade), colorist control surfaces (Tangent Devices, Avid Artist Color) or peripherals? Scan our continuously growing archive of articles and tutorials aimed to video post-production professionals (and serious amateurs).

Non-Linear Editors (101 tutorials)

Are you color correcting in a non-linear editor like Avid, Final Cut, Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve? Check out our list of expert advice on how to optimize your color correction workflow—specific to each of those editors. Learn how to use the default toolset, read reviews of plug-ins and discover what hardware and gear you can use to dramatically increase your productivity.

On-Set (19 tutorials)

This page lists our Insight tutorials for on-set workflows for professional color management, dailies, color decision lists, specialty software, and working as a DIT (digital imaging technician).

Plug-Ins (37 tutorials)

Archive page for Color Correction Plug In Tutorials and Training. Including DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro

SpeedGrade (20 tutorials)

Adobe SpeedGrade is an end-of-life color grading platform. We keep our SpeedGrade tutorials available for general interest since it had a unique workflow and is remembered fondly by many colorists for its excellent image manipulation quality.

Stills & Color Grading (14 tutorials)

Digital video editors, colorists, finishers, VFX artists, & cinematographers are often inspired by still photography and its workflows. This page lists the tutorials that are inspired by those workflows.

Theory (296 tutorials)

The art and skill of Digital Color Grading is built upon a foundation of color theory and human perception. Tutorials, articles, and podcasts listed here deal, at least partially, with that theory.