Finding A Mentor As A Solo Artist In A Small Market

August 3, 2018

In this podcast, Team Mixing Light tackles a member question about how to find a mentor for color grading - in a small city.


From The MailBag Episode 55

Seeking Mentorship. Is It Possible These Days?

If you’ve listened to the past few installments of From The Mailbag, you know that we’ve been covering a lot of ‘soft subjects recently. It’s partly a diversion from the heavy technical questions we usually tackle, but also because we get a ton of questions about furthering one’s career, including today’s topic on finding a mentor.

We recently got an interesting question about mentorship from Mixing Light member Joshua, who is seeking out a color grading mentorship. But he’s in a small market and there aren’t any facilities around with experienced peers to learn from:

The reason for my email is to seek advice from people in the industry. My work has tasked me with finding a mentor for something that I am passionate about and want to pursue in my life. I am very lucky to work for a place that realizes there is always something better down the road.

During NAB, I was lucky enough to have a very long and extended talk with Giles Livesey at the Blackmagic booth. Being able to have that one on one experience was the best thing I experienced there. It really opened my eyes to how something like that [interaction] could take my art to the next level.

I live in Kentucky, which isn’t exactly a hotbed for color boutiques or post houses so internships aren’t really an option. So my question is, without packing up and moving to NY or LA, what is the best way to find a mentor in the color realm?

Finding a mentor in a small market

Mentorship is something that’s important to all of us. In this episode we discuss the role of mentorship in our niche of post production. We share our experiences with mentorship and suggestions for Joshua seeking a mentor.

Although this podcast is 20 minutes long, we could have gone on for another 20 minutes talking about this topic that is near and dear to Team Mixing Light. If you want to add to the conversation, please use the comments below – you never know, they might help someone else!

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Enjoy the MailBag!


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