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Grading Challenge – 90s Pop Video

September 13, 2018

Dan kicks off a new grading challenge where he plays your client. It's based on a 90s pop video style color grade he recently recreated.


Grading Challenges Are Back!

A Blast From The Past Music Video

Longtime Mixing Light members will remember my last Insights based on a grading challenge and we’re back at it with a 90s pop video adventure.

If you’ve never taken part in one before please do this time!

It’s essentially me role-playing as the client and setting a brief for the grade and also giving feedback on your attempts.

The goal of setting a brief is to give you a focused area to work on.

The hard part about grading is there are so many options and creative choices that you need to narrow it down to something specific to really challenge yourself.

There is no winner and no loser on challenges like this it’s all about refining your client skills and practising your grading skills.

Onto the challenge!

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