July 2018

Colorist Inspiration – July 2018

July 28, 2018

For Dan's Inspiration July 2018 he shares his list of top colorists inspiring him in the summer of 2018 with their amazing grading work.


Who’s Inspiring Me This Summer

For my Colorist Inspiration July 2018 instead of focusing on particular jobs, I thought it would be fun to share the people who’s work is inspiring me at the moment.

Us colourists never get a huge amount of public recognition for the work we do. When we do a great job it’s often the “AMAZING cinematography” which gets the limelight.

Of course when things are less than ideal due to the cinematography or art direction it’s our fault that it doesn’t look the way they imagined.

With that in mind I always love showcasing fellow colorists whenever possible.

There is no particular order to the names below, or a particular theme, just great people that have made me think about the work i’m doing. These are the jobs that i’ve looked at and thought to myself ‘Damm that’s pretty!’

You’ll also notice I’m not including the names that I’ve spoken about multiple times before.

Obviously Stefan, Tom and Dave at Company 3, Walter at Fotokem and Jean-Clement at MPC London are amazing colorists, and you know i’ve spoken highly of their work time and time again. I figured it would be great to showcase some amazing talent that you don’t hear about every day this time around.


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