Tips for matching an imported timeline in DaVinci Resolve

June 8, 2023

Get tips for solving common - but challenging - mistakes when conforming an offline reference, including eye-matching variable speed changes.


Several quick tips when conforming (matching) an imported timeline

It’s a common workflow to be provided with a rendered ‘guide clip’ (offline reference movie) approved by the editor. Usually, the editor exports a .xml or .aaf to be imported into DaVinci Resolve that reconstructs the timeline. But things almost always go wrong when the editor’s software platform differs from your software.

Your job is to fix all the problems that arise so your timeline matches the approved offline reference movie.

Depending upon your workflow, you may have only a few clips that need to be manually fixed to match the offline – or there may be hundreds of clips! In my experience, the average one-hour broadcast documentary will need 10% of the shots to be fixed (hello, drone shots.)

In this Insight, you’ll learn a few of my favorite tips and tricks for solving common timeline-conforming problems. We’ll also cover a few preference changes in Resolve that make this workflow easier.

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight, you should understand how to:

  • Change the frame rate of clips to avoid repeated frames
  • How to quickly recover if you change ‘clip attributes’ and the media goes offline
  • One method for immediately discovering if a single clip is used multiple times
  • A super-quick tip for attaching an Offline Reference to the timeline
  • A powerfully simple tip for eye-matching re-size/re-positions
  • Manually eye-match speed changes using the Re-time tool and markers

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– Jamie

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