15 Minutes With Nina Ashby – Color Aura Spiritualist

June 10, 2023

The Color Timer speaks with a spiritualist who has spent 40 years learning to interpret the color auras she's been seeing since childhood.


Color auras, color energy, and growing up seeing the world differently

The Color Timer Podcast has a clear motivation – speaking with professionals who work with Color. There is a natural bias toward film and television due to my background, but I strive to cast the net much wider, speaking to professionals outside this business. In this interview, we are doing exactly that. I am talking with a psychic, teacher, healer, and author Nina Ashby.

I was drawn toward Nina’s work because of her book, “Color Therapy”. 

After researching further, I discovered that Nina works with Color Energy. This energy, or aura, is considered an unseen field of energy surrounding a person’s physical body. These auras are affected by mood and emotional state.

Nina has a career spanning 40 years; she has studied Spiritual Philosophy, Meditation, various forms of bodywork and energy healing – and much more!

During our 15-minute conversation, we speak about what it was like as a child to understand what she was seeing, her determination to learn more about that, and the lifelong journey this took her on.

Learn More About Nina Ashby

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– Vincent

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