Resolve Remote Workflow: Hawaii To LA & Back

March 6, 2020

In this From The Mailbag we revisit some key aspects of a Resolve remote workflow as we try to answer questions from a member on the same subject.


From The MailBag Episode 81

Long Distance: Working Remotely With Resolve

I depend on remote workflows for making my business work.

Some days I’m at home, some I’m at the facility, some I’m playing golf, and others I’m somewhere in between. Availability of media, projects and of course the gear to work on projects is very important to me. A while back, I wrote an article about using Resilio Sync, VPN and other tools to facilitate the kind of remote workflow that I need.

Four years later, most of that article and workflow still holds true – I use Resilio Sync daily, and VPN from time to time – although not using OS X server anymore to make that happen – and of course I still used a shared PostGresSQL database at the studio and at home.

Recently, Mixing Light member Ernest wrote in with a plethora of questions about a remote workflow between Hawaii and his studio back in LA. While we can only dream about grading from Waikiki, we thought Earnest’s questions were a good reason to revisit this subject. Resolve remote workflow is what this installment of From The Mailbag is all about.

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Hawaii > L.A. > Hawaii

For a long time when people talked about remote workflows using Resolve, they were probably referring to the remote grading option from within the software. Remote grading allows two Resolve systems (using the same version of the software, with duplicate media on both ends) to connect with one system controlling the other – it’s kind of like ‘ghost riding‘.

However, for most of us, that kind of remote workflow is not really what we’re after.  Here’s what I mean by remote workflow:

  • Media (potentially render cache/optimized media) synced between two or more locations
  • Database and or .drps synced between locations
  • Easy database access – thru VPN or Remote Desktop solutions

When Mixing Light member Earnest wrote in, he had a lot questions surrounding these three main aspects of a Resolve remote workflow.

Some specifics from his email include:

  • Setting up a VPN server – can a database server also be a VPN server (please refer to my original article for some caveats on this)?
  • Is Resilio sync still a good option for syncing media?  If so what version?
  • How about syncing LUTs, and plugins between locations?
  • What’s the purpose of mapped mounts in Resolve?

Obviously Earnest’s questions also got us taking tangents on a few areas but all related to Resolve remote workflow. The bottom line is there are many ways to setup a Resolve remote workflow but with a little planning, due diligence and some technical know how you can make it work pretty seamlessly. I’ve been happy with my remote workflow for four or five years between my home studio and my office, which has allowed me a lot more flexibility in how I work.

Now if I could just figure out how to do some grading from the beach in Hawaii…

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Enjoy the MailBag!


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