Sci Fi Challenge

Grading Challenge – Baselight Sci-Fi Grade

March 5, 2020

In this insight Dan reviews your submissions and shares his own Sci-Fi look using primarily Baseilght Base Grade

Grading Challenge – Reviewing Your Work

Plus My Modern Sci-Fi Grade In Baselight

Time for our Modern Sci-Fi grade review session this time using Filmlight Baselight.

I do a small review of everyone’s work at the start of the video below (anonymously of course) but it was safe to say they were all great.

If you haven’t taken part in the challenge yet download the shots below from the Blackmagic Design Website:

Then moving on I share my approached to this shot fresh with no preparation to show my thought process in an honest fashion.

We’re working in Baseilght in this Insight which introduces a lot of new elements for members. This is a great taster session for anyone interested in learning Baselight.

As the tools are very detailed I stick to a high-level overview of how I’m using them to achieve my grade result rather than going into a deep dive about each parameter

In the video below I feature:

  • Reviewing Your Grades From The Challenge
  • Build My Own Look Using Base Grade and Looks
  • Eye Masking To Create A Replicant Feel
  • Adding Grain and Grit Texture


Requests For The Next Challenge

I’d love to do some more Challenges in this series as I find giving awful client feedback a lot of fun.

Are there any areas that you would like to be briefed on?

The obvious areas are food, beauty, music videos and cars but are there more specific situations you’d like to see?

If so please do let me know.

If you’ve got any questions, be sure to leave a comment!


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Homepage Forums Grading Challenge – Baselight Sci-Fi Grade

  • Brian S

    I think the challenges are great and I’d love to see this happen more often. I liked that we were all working from the same source footage because it was cool to see how everyone approached things from a different way.

  • François Dompierre

    Thanks Dan! Looks great and cinematic. After years in Resolve I have also started to learn Baselight. I’m very much looking forward to your help and insights!

  • Jose Santos

    Awesome insight! Great to finally see more baselight in action on Mixing light!

    I absolutely love baselight’s grain plug in specially the film response slider just makes the grain look so realistic in the way it falls of in in the highs and lows!

    Oh man, hate how high the stacks get when you start keying and doing shapes 😅

  • Evan Frystak

    Looking forward to the next one!

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