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Vincent Taylor is a freelance senior Colorist, most recently at the Harbor Picture Company in Los Angeles, California. An award-winning cinematographer, Vincent sparked his love of film at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. He pursued his passion for shooting in partnership with directors & film crews in the Australasia region.

Vincent was recognized for his craft as a top Director of Photography with twelve awards from the Australian Cinematographer’s Society. Vincent’s journey crossed over from the camera to telecine, where he was able to utilize his lighting skills and storytelling in the post-production arena. Swiftly rising through Digital Pictures (later Deluxe), working in commercial and drama television as well as numerous music video, documentary, and theatrical projects, he was quickly embraced by directors and DPs alike for his background & experience as a cinematographer, going on to become one of Australia’s first freelance film colorists with his studio in Melbourne.

Vincent moved to New York, where he worked for two years as Head of Color for Chimney North America before returning to MPC in New York as a senior colorist. Vincent resides in sunny Los Angeles; after joining the team at The Harbor Picture Company, Vincent is now a colorist-for-hire.

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