15 Minutes with Color Scientist Matthew Tomlinson – The Color Timer Podcast

August 18, 2023

The Color Timer podcast discovers what a color scientist actually does, why they are a colorist's best friend and how to shepherd a show look.


Building trust, shepherding a look, and creating digital jazz – the work of a color scientist!

Matthew Tomlinson is the head of color science for Harbor Picture Company, and his incredible list of credits includes Suicide Squad, Skyfall, The Avengers, Matrix Revolutions, Air Force One, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Passing, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and The Irishman – to name just a few 🙂

During our conversation, Matthew shares what a color scientist actually does, the interpersonal skills he needs to shepherd the Show Look through the entire pipeline, and the joyful moment when the colorist, DP, and color scientist can create digital jazz together.

What is the definition of color science? Trust. I think that’s really kind of what it boils down to. The idea that if you’re looking at something on a display, a projector, an iPad, a whatever, you see what you expect to see.

Matthew Tomlinson, Color Scientist

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– Vincent


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