Filmmaker Michael Henry – Being color blind in a visual industry

September 1, 2023

The Color Timer learns to turn a limited visual color palette into creative strength with professional insights from a color-blind filmmaker.


How can you excel as a color-blind creative?

Michael Henry is an old friend and a veteran filmmaker best known for his feature film debut, Blame, which was selected for entry into numerous top film festivals worldwide.

During our conversation, Michael discusses what it’s like to be a color-blind creative, building trust with your team, and the essential nature of tonality in cinematography.

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I think colorblind people probably have an innate strength with tone.

When I see a tree, I see it’s very vibrant and colorful. But I’m not seeing those color differentiations in there, but I’m still seeing tonal differentiations. I can see the underside of the leaf is dark, the top of the leaf is bright, but I’m not seeing color differentiation like a non-colorblind person would see.

Michael Henry, Filmmaker

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