Interact Live And Remote With – CEO Alex Williams

May 24, 2024

The Color Timer learns about with CEO Alex Williams. We discuss workflows, collaboration, whether remote grading is here to stay?


Season 2, Episode 2: Are remote workflows here to stay?

On this session of the Color Timer Podcast I chat with Louper CEO Alex Williams. What is Louper? As Alex describes it, “It’s Zoom for video professionals.” While this snapshot is easy to picture, creating yet another review application in a crowded marketplace is no easy task, yet Louper has found its footing rather quickly. The platform allows live streaming without proprietary hardware boxes and is built around collaboration rather than pasting offline review links.

While it’s fun to geek out with the creators of our favorite bits of gear, we’re careful not to make this a cozy infomercial. Is remote grading really here to stay? Or is the human touch needed to drive a session forward? Join in on my wonderful conversation with Alex to find out.

“I built Louper because I needed a simple to use platform that would allow me to work with Directors and Agencies from anywhere. And to recreate the experience of working in-person.”

Alex Williams, Louper
Alex Williams was a professional editor before founding, solving a problem he had collaborating with remote clients.

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