A Philosopher-Pilot Talks Video Monitors & Christmas Decorations

April 26, 2024

Flanders Scientific CEO Bram Desmet chats philosophy, color, reference displays, symbolic logic, and Jingle Bells(?) with The Color Timer.


The Color Timer Season 2 Launch: Bram Desmet, CEO, Flanders Scientific

From Flight School to… Designing Monitors?

Bram Desmet joins The Color Timer to discuss monitors, philosophy, symbolic logic, LUT boxes, and his family’s fallback plan.

Bram is the founder, CEO, and general manager of Flanders Scientific. His nonlinear path to launching a monitor company started with aspirations to become a philosophy professor and then a pilot while working as a bicycle repair technician. However, as he explains, these topics are all interconnected.

“if you want people to calibrate and keep their monitors calibrated, you have to make it easy. And that’s been the passion of ours for the last two years.”

Bram Desmet, Flanders Scientific Inc.
Bram Desmet studied philosophy, was once an instrument-qualified pilot, and is today the CEO of a top-tier display manufacturer for the film and television industry. He hopes to one day revolutionize the Christmas Ornament industry (well, that’s the fall-back plan).

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Flanders Scientific has taken the post production industry by storm, creating an excellent sweet spot of price, features, accuracy, customer service, and value. If you’ve been on a film set lately, chances are you’ve seen the FSI Zunzheng stamp of approval at the DIT cart or the video village.

He’s been interviewed many times, but I feel confident this is the first time he’s done it with a 15-minute sand timer running. I also feel confident that it’s one of the first times he’s focused more on discussing philosophy and Christmas decorations than monitors.

Don’t worry; we chat about monitors as well!

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