15 Minutes with Colorist Eric Weidt – The Color Timer Podcast

May 19, 2023

Freelance colorist Eric Weidt has worked exclusively with director David Fincher since 2015. Tune in for a talk about ‘Mank' and his career.


Episode 102: Desert island movies, David Fincher,
and the poetry of color

Eric Weidt has worked as a Colorist on impressive projects such as Mindhunter and Mank. He spent 15 years in Paris working with fashion photographers and filmmakers (developing look-up tables) and has a BA in theatre arts.

Eric has worked exclusively with director David Fincher since 2015. We delve into his relationship with the famous director and explore his process for his incredible Black & White work in the motion picture ‘Mank’. We even talk about the one film he would watch if he only had one choice (stuck on a desert island with electricity).

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