15 Minutes with Tattoo Artist Jhon Gutti – The Color Timer Podcast

August 4, 2023

What does an award-winning tattoo artist have to say about color? Special guest Jhon Gutti talks about shades of gray in his craft and art.


Ep 106: Making art that lasts a lifetime (using only three tones)

In this special episode of The Color Timer Podcast, I head out on the road to visit award-winning tattoo artist Jhon Gutti in his LA studio. Originally trained as an architect in Colombia, Jhon has worked as a tattooist for over 10 years, with 20 years of practice under his belt, specializing in stunningly realistic black and grey tattoos.

During our conversation, Jhon shares his approach to:

  • Creating separation between the black ink and the skin tone
  • Selecting the right clients
  • Managing his three tones of black
  • Handling the uncontrollable variables of tattooing human skin.

Learn More About Jhon Gutti

Black will last… and as a personal preference black looks classy and ages better.

Jhon Gutti, Tattooist
Jjon Gutti, tattoo artist

A Jhon Gutti painting

Examples of Jhon’s Tattoo Work

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Do you have any black and white tattoos? How did you relate to what Jhon had to share? Let me know!

– Vincent


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