Michael Murdoch: A Non-linear Career Path To Color Science

September 29, 2023

The Color Timer Podcast chats with RIT Professor Michael Murdoch. Delve into a career spanning film stocks, HDR displays, and more.


The Color Timer Podcast – What’s the one color the universe doesn’t need?

It is my absolute pleasure to speak with the Associate Professor in Color Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Mr. Michael Murdoch. Our conversation covered the gamut of all things color:

  • Perception
  • Quantifying color
  • Image science
  • Film stocks
  • Display technology
  • Careers in the field of color research
  • Augmented reality
  • His position as the Director of the Munsell Color Science Laboratory
  • The color the universe doesn’t need

I may have broken my sand timer rule repeatedly to keep this conversation going. But this is undoubtedly a perfect conversation for the Color Timer Podcast – I hope you enjoy it!

“Color is really hard to pin down. It’s impossible to really quantify it in a way that’s universal for everyone.”

Professor Michael Murdoch, RIT
Michael Murdoch stands with a reflection of color swatches

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This was a fun interview but I’d love to get your feedback. What did I not follow up on? What is a question you would like to ask Mr Murdoch? Do you use color science day to day or is it something you use but don’t require knowledge of?

– Vincent


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