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Legalizing Without A Legalizer & Using R3D Trimming With Remote/Linked Grades

June 14, 2014

In this installment of From The Mailbag we discuss two questions about video legalization & using R3D trimming in Resolve with Remote Grades


Episode 13: From the Mailbag

How Do You Legalize Without A Hardware Legalizer? & R3D Trimming Remote/Linked Grading Troubles

In this weeks MailBag Episode, we take a look at a couple great questions that we got from Mixing Light members Simon and Michael.

First up, we’ll discuss if its possible to legalize video without a dedicated hardware legalizer and how you might go about doing that in DaVinci Resolve. In Question 2 we’ll jump into an interesting question on using Resolve’s R3D trimming functionality in combo with Resolve’s remote/linked grading features.

Be sure to check the MailBag notes at the bottom of the Insight (after the audio) for links to things mentioned in the two mailbag segments. If you have some links that you think would be helpful for other members please use the comments and we’ll add them into the show notes.

Remember, if you have questions that you’d like to get an opinion on please use the contact form. Your questions can be aesthetic, technical or even client related. We’d love to hear from you, and your question might make future episodes of From the Mailbag.

Question 1: Legalize Video Without A Hardware Legalizer?

First up this week, we got a question from Mixing Light member Simon who is curious about to set up Resolve for a file based delivery for broadcast without an external (hardware) legalizer?

This is a question we get a lot!

We talk about using scopes and scope error messaging, why RGB gamut errors are the bane of most colorists and how using hard and soft clipping can work magic.  We also discuss why we sometimes think broadcast level requirements are silly.

Scroll down to listen to Question #1 as we discuss this question in detail.

Question 2: How Do You Use R3D Trimming & Remote/Linked Grades?

Next, Mixing Light member Michael asks a very interesting question about why when he uses the R3D trimming functionality in Resolve 10 does then Remote/Linked Grading functionality cease to work?

This question got us thinking of many things including how useful R3D trimming is when transferring files from a client drive to our own RAIDs as well as how we long for the master session to return to Resolve as the default way timelines work.

If you’re not aware Remote or Linked Grading is the ability to Resolve to “remember” that you’ve graded a shot from the master session of project – it then will apply that grade to cut downs or versions of the master timeline where that shot appears. This insanely useful feature for spots, promos and other projects.

Don’t forget, scroll down after the audio for this weeks Show Notes for both episodes…

– Team Mixing Light

Mailbag Notes

In part one, Pat mentions a series of Insights we’ve done on Broadcast Legalization here in the Library.  Here is the first Insight in that Video Legalizing series, look in the Insight details for additional Insights on Legalization.

In part two, Pat mentions an Insight that Dan did on Restoring DaVinci Resolve’s Remote/Linked Grading Functionality

Also in part two Robbie mentions an Insight he recorded on R3D trimming in Resolve.

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Homepage Forums Legalizing Without A Legalizer & Using R3D Trimming With Remote/Linked Grades

  • Toby Tomkins

    You could use the red trim tools on a master timeline to consolidate complete master red shots, maintaining a remote grading workflow. Not technically ‘trimming’ but it’s a nice workaround.

  • Patrick Inhofer

    Agreed. And I don’t know if you’ve experienced where Resolve will sometimes, rather than breaking a longer clip into three individual clips, will just create one clip at the In-point of the earliest and the Out-point of the last clip… which also maintains the remote grading workflow.

    The problem: I can’t seem to figure out when Resolve decides to break them apart and when it wants to keep it together…

  • Toby Tomkins

    I believe it happens when clip ‘B’ shares frames with A and C and the timecode extents of all 3 span the start of A to the end of B. This also includes handles, so with larger handles happens more regularly.

  • John R Moore

    Well the legalization issue really is key.
    The first question I asked BMD when they took on DaVinci Resolve was did they have a legalization clipper. I got bounced once, years ago but enough of an experience to allow me to know never to be put in that situation again.
    Then BMD said no there wasn’t a legalization security clipper. I asked if they would make a hardware version. Yes they had experimented but they preferred to do it in the Software.
    OK so now in DaVinci Resolve 11 we are going to have a button to eliminate those Project rejecting guys.
    I am REALLY interested to seeing/hearing what you guys say about enabling this button on DaVinci Resolve11.
    Thanks for all your hard work guys
    Best Wishes

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