Using Python and Expanding Resolve’s Functionality

November 7, 2018

Resolve's new scripting APIs open up exciting new possibilities. Learn how to get started by using Python to import comments from


April 2019 Update: In DaVinci Resolve 16, markers are directly integrated into Resolve. But this Insight is still an excellent introduction into using Python to extend the functionality of DaVinci Resolve.

Importing Markers With Your Own Homebrew Import Script

One of the most exciting things about Resolve 15’s new Fusion integration is the fact that it added Python scripting to Resolve. This has huge potential to open up Resolve to exciting new workflows and functionality. In this Insight, I’ll walk you through how to install and configure Python for scripting in Resolve, and give you a taste of the power python scripting opens up.

Configuring Your System For Python And Resolve

To use Python with Resolve, you’ll need to configure a few environment variables first.

After installing python, you’ll need to set a few environment variables for Python and Resolve to work together. I’ll walk you through the process in windows, but the Resolve Developer Documentation has info for Mac OS and Linux as well. Blackmagic also includes a set of example scripts you can look at for reference.

Importing Client Notes From

Recently, Robbie wrote an Insight on how to speed up your grading workflow. While he was writing it – he challenged me to figure out a way to get comments to import in Resolve. Since I love a challenge (and I thought this would make for a great tool that I would use a lot in my grading work) I jumped at the chance and got to scripting. I’ve included the script for members to use themselves. (and a big thanks to my brother, Larry D’Anna – who helped me with the CSV parsing code used in the script)


Python 3.6 (not Python 3.7): In the video, I state that Resolve expects Python 3.7. This is incorrect! Resolve expects Python 3.6.

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