Colorist Podcast Episode 007: Ayumi Ashley

December 15, 2016

In this episode of the colorist podcast Josh talks to colorist Ayumi Ashley from Mission Film & Design about her work & career

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Colorist Podcast Episode 008

On this episode of Colorist Podcast, I have a conversation with Ayumi Ashley. She is the founder of Mission Film and Design (MFDSF) in San Francisco, California. It’s a boutique color, sound, and VFX facility, focusing mainly on commercials, music videos, and short films. She has completed work for North Face, Skyy Vodka, and Ben & Jerry’s. Additionally, Silicon Valley clients like Adobe, Pinterest, and Square have also finished their work with her.

Ayumi started working as a freelance colorist while still attending college. Apple Color and the reduced price of DaVinci Resolve helped her hone her skills and enter the ranks of working colorists quickly. The combination of affordable grading platforms, higher demand for colorists, and minimal competition in her area, helped her start and run her own finishing company.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How she got started as a colorist
  • Why the 5D mk ii had such a profound impact in her market
  • The low cost of entry for color tools: is it a good thing?
  • Working in San Francisco and why there aren’t many colorists there
  • Helping clients understand why they need a colorist
  • Running a facility and prioritizingthe budget accordingly
  • Making her clients feel pampered and comfortable
  • Listening and performing live for your clients
  • How she uses remote reviews with Frame IO
  • Handing off her work to other colorists
  • Using Full DaVinci panels verses using the Tangent Element
  • How to draw on inspiration when your sessions are only three hours long
  • Working with software other than DaVinci Resolve

Mission Film and Design

Ayumi’s Personal Page

Follow Ayumi On Twitter

Ayumi’s Instagram

Enjoy the podcast!


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