Using Indie Essentials in DaVinci Resolve with the Layer Mixer

Using Indie Essentials with DaVinci Resolve

May 28, 2014

Are you wondering how to use the Indie Essentials quicktime library with DaVinci Resolve? This advanced tutorial demonstrates one workflow.

In Action: Using Indie Essentials

Indie Essentials is a terrific new resource for high-quality Quicktime movies designed to be used as elements composited into your images.

Rather than being stand-alone clips, they are shot and delivered to you with the intent that you’ll use some kind of Blending Mode or Compositing Mode to integrate their production elements with your pre-existing footage. Categories of such effects include:

  • Muzzle Flashes
  • Bokeh
  • Smoke
  • Sparks
  • Embers
  • Dust
  • Filmic Effects

Indie Essentials also includes much more stylized Quicktime clips that often combine Light Effects with their other effects for a 1-2 punch such as:

  • Grunge Overlays
  • Dust Overlays
  • Soft Light Overlays
  • Hard Light Overlays

And lest it be considered a 1-trick pony, this Library also includes:

  • Cinematic Music
  • Sketch Icons
  • Slick Mattes
  • Sound Effects
  • Creature Chins
  • Creature Eyes
  • Other non-Editorial / Color Grading libraries more interesting to the 3-D crowd

Ever-Growing All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

One of the more unique aspects of purchasing the Indie Essentials library, is that it keeps growing. For a single purchase, new elements keep being added on a monthly (and sometimes weekly) basis. There are no updates to buy. No maintenance plans. No subscription that ends your access. If you buy the full Library, as new elements get added they are available for you immediate download.

And… it’s all royalty-free.

So what’s the catch?

HD & 2K File Sizes

The only limitation of Indie Essentials is that they’ll only deliver HD and 2K sized images. If you need 4K or larger, you’ll need to license these clips from their partner website, Rampant Design.

For the vast majority of people reading this Overview, Indie Essentials is well targeted. HD and 2K is plenty big.

Using Indie Essentials

This gets us to the point of this Overview… how do you actually use Indie Essentials within the context of a color correction session?

Specifically, I’ll be showing you the advanced workflow in DaVinci Resolve 10 – doing all your compositing within the Node Tree of a single shot. Much of what I do in this video can also be done in Resolve’s timeline – or the timeline of any Non-Linear Editing system, such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X or Avid Media Composer.

In fact, one of the strengths of any Quicktime library of production elements is it’s versatility.

A plug-in without the CPU overhead

Since Indie Essentials elements are just Quicktime clips (they don’t even have alpha channels), if your software can playback Quicktime and layer video tracks… then you can use Indie Essentials. Even better…

Since they’re not a plug-in the extra overhead on your CPU is minimal. Composite modes tend to be handled easily on modern CPUs and if there’s bottleneck, it’ll be with playback from your hard drives—as you’ll see in my video.

A plug-in on-the-go

The other sweet thing about these kinds of assets, you can carry them with you from job to job. You don’t need to get I.T. to install the plug-in or ask the client to purchase a set of filters they’ll only use this once. Just plug-in your hard drive and it’s simply another piece of media.

Indie Essentials: In Action

Two MixingLight Member Bonuses!

Paid members, Log In and you’ll see the two free bonuses we have for you from Indie Essentials:

Bonus 1: Get your FREE Swag!
Download 15 free clips – courtesy That Studio and hand-selected by me. It’s a selection to demonstrate the range of clips they provide and allow you to experiment on your own.

Members and non-Members alike: Click through to Indie Essentials’ shopping page and scroll down to download 10 free clips, no registration required – at all!

Bonus 2: Grab your Discount Code!
Also for paid members, Kanen has provided you an huge discount that can be used on any item in the Indie Essentials Store… including the big lifetime package of clips. If you don’t see a red box below… you need to be on our Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Plan and log-in!

Not an Affiliate Deal-eo

In case you’re wondering… there’s no deal set up between Mixing Light / Tao of Color and That Studio. I was provided a Press Review of the Indie Essentials package but if I didn’t like it you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Do I think it’s worth the cash if you do work that can use elements like this? You betch’a. Combine the ever-growing Library with a ‘pay once’ model means your initial investment grows in value.

And for our MixingLight members, throw in the discount code we’ve worked out and I think this is a terrific deal 🙂

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