Talking About Dolby Vision

January 14, 2018

Building on Robbie's recent articles, Pat and Dan ask questions about workflow and Robbie's recent trip to Dolby in Burbank, CA.

Day 14: 24 Insights in 24 Days – 2018 New Year Marathon

Our Dolby Vision Series So Far + Answering Dan & Patrick’s Questions

Welcome to week two of our Insights Marathon!  We hope you’ve been enjoying the articles, videos, and podcasts so far.  We have a little over a week to go, and many more interesting Insights to share!

Because it’s Sunday during the Marathon that means a new installment of From The MailBag!

Over the past few weeks, Robbie has started a new series on Dolby Vision – starting with a high-level look at the system, components, and setup (Part1).  In Part 2, he explored shot analysis and the essentials of making SDR trims.

Having read those articles, Patrick & Dan were still eager to chat about Dolby Vision including what Robbie learned on a recent trip to Dolby in L.A. So, in this episode, take a listen to that interesting discussion.

One programming note – you’ll notice that this MailBag is only one ‘part’.

As we mentioned in the text for Episode 40, starting in February we’re going to be releasing MailBags weekly. To assist in that effort, each weekly MailBag will be a single part instead of what we’ve done historically with two parts.

Remember, you can submit your questions via the contact form or by emailing us at [email protected] Your questions can be technical, creative, about gear or anything else related to the world of color correction.


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