Digital Video Noise Reduction: Targeting Individual Color Channels

Digital Video Noise Reduction: Targeting Individual Color Channels

December 20, 2013

In DaVinci Resolve, video noise reduction targeted to specific color channels lets us balance between sharpness and noise reduction.


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Noise Reducing Video Per Channel

Noise-reducing video is always a compromise between preserving the sharpness in your image and getting rid of that pesky noise. Resolve 10 has great controls that allow you to do color and luma channels separately but what if you need to go further? What if you have a busted green channel?

Bring on the splitter combiner! If your not familiar with the Splitter Combiner node which was added in Resolve 10 please check out my introduction insight here. In this insight, I’ll show you how to work on each channel individually and do a comparison between a straight noise reduction and one that has been done per channel. Enjoy!


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