Keeping Clients: 6 Key Strategies

How To Keep Your Clients (Using 6 Easy Strategies)

December 30, 2013

Keeping Clients Is Hard! But essential. This Article explores techniques to keep your clients happy and coming back with 6 Key Strategies.

Keeping Clients Is Easy! Use 6 Key Strategies

Postproduction is obviously, a client driven industry – without clients you’ll have a hard time making money and building a career. You only have to take a trip to your local bookstore (if there still is one!) and look on the business aisle to see dozens of books about getting new clients, marketing your business to potential clients and how to generate sales leads.

While new clients are very important, those books will tell you there is something that’s even more important – keeping existing clients happy and satisfied.

Since you’ve already done the difficult work securing a client, it’d be a shame if that client decided to go somewhere else for their future color and postproduction needs. And there are multiple business studies that show: It’s far more expensive and time consuming to acquire a new client than it is to cater to your existing clients for repeat business; and mining your existing clients for new leads.

There is an old adage that you might have heard before:

A good client, is a happy client, and an unhappy client is not going to be your client for long.[/blockquote]

I believe in this adage 100%. With my company, we focus quite a bit of time securing new clients, but we spend considerably more time keeping our existing clients happy and content with all aspects of our relationship.

It might seem like the bigger win is getting more new clients, and in a way that is something that every company strives to do, but having a loyal client base that continually uses your services (and keeps paying you across the years) is the much bigger win. Ultimately, focusing on your existing client base is a fantastic investment of your time.

In this Insights article I want to give you a 6 key strategies that have worked really well for me and my business over the years for keeping clients. So lets dive in!

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