Extracting Only The Hue Or Saturation of a LUT using DaVinci Resolve

March 31, 2022

Learn how to extract the hue and/or saturation shifts of a 3D LUT, without getting stuck with the LUT's accompanying contrast adjustment.


Visual Math Part 4 – The power and flexibility of the splitter/combiner node for 3D LUT extraction

As we explored in our previous Insight on extracting a LUT’s split-toning, it’s all too common to choose a LUT for a particular characteristic we love, only to find that we’re also stuck with several other characteristics we don’t want. Under normal circumstances, we either take or leave a LUT as it’s been designed. But by using the techniques and ideas we’ve discussed in this series, we can cleanly extract only those characteristics which we want – all within the Color Page’s node tree.

In this Insight, you learn how to extract the hue and/or saturation shifts of a 3D LUT, without getting stuck with the accompanying contrast adjustment of that LUT.

In This Insight

Learn how to imagine and design looks through the use of extracted 3D LUT components. You can also leverage these techniques on Looks you develop but only want to extract particular effects of those Looks for other jobs. My goal with this Insight is for you to learn:

  1. How to visually and programmatically break down any 3D LUTs into its key “sub-behaviors”.
  2. Determine how to extract the sub-behaviors we find desirable, and neutralize those which we don’t.
  3. How the use of two chains of Splitter/Combiners help you extract and recombine the image effects of a LUT, which you can then recombine precisely to your taste.

Question or Comments?

As always, use the comments below to share your thoughts, observations, or questions!

Note: Cullen’s Kodak 2383 LUT used in this Insight can be downloaded here at Cullen’s website for the low cost of your first name and email address. Premium members can download these assets directly from this page. You can sign up for a Premium membership here.

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  • This is a great series, thank you! I seem to remember you showed a method for extracting the colour from a LUT a while ago, just using a layer mixer with the Color composite mode? I tried it and it seems to work fine, plus it’s simpler than this method. Probably slight different results though, do you know how these methods differ?



    • Cullen Kelly

      Glad you’re enjoying it Jamie! Yes, you can achieve similar results with the other technique you mentioned; however you can’t isolate hue changes and saturation changes in that setup. That’s the main benefit here!

  • Evan Anthony

    @jamie-dickinson can you share that workflow?


    • Hi,
      If it remember correctly it was a layer mixer fed with two nodes, the top one with saturation set to the zero, the bottom one contains your LUT. Composite mode set to the Colour. (Apologies if I’ve got some of that the wrong way around, I’ll need to check!)

      • Jamie, in the lowest node of the LM, I think you have to decrease Y’ bars up to the lowet point in LGG, and Lum Mix to 0.


    • The Quantel workflow? About 11 min 30 sec in to this https://vimeo.com/176186994 I was interested in how to recreate this in Resolve

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