Selected Skills
  • Color Management
  • Conform
  • VFX
What I Do
  • Commercials
  • Feature Documentary
  • Short Films

Daria Fissoun, CSI is a London-based colorist, compositor, and certified DaVinci Resolve trainer with 12 years of post production experience. She specialises in commercial video projects (past clients include Microsoft, Nike, and Konami) and has worked on both US and UK feature productions, including a role as a post-production engineer on several Disney+ films.

Earlier in her career, Daria was also involved in the educational sector. She instructed on various post-production topics, including compositing, motion graphic animation and colour grading. She has been a staff member or guest lecturer at film and media schools throughout London, including SAE Institute London, MET Film School, Central Film School, and London South Bank University.

Daria currently develops training materials for Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve software and has written The Colorist Guide for Davinci Resolve since its first release in 2019. In her spare time, she records and uploads video tutorials on post-production techniques in Davinci Resolve on her YouTube channel, DaVinci Master Key.

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