Moving From A Direct View Monitor To The Cinema

March 20, 2018

A member asks about grading on a direct view monitor vs. the cinema. We discuss the differences and why overcomplicating it is a bad idea!


Should You Change Your Direct View Monitor To ‘Mimic’ The Cinema?

Grading a project for theatrical release is a hope/dream of many colorists.

The truth is, there is something magical about seeing a project on a 30ft screen – part nostalgia, part sheer size – a project on the silver screen has its own allure.

Assuming you don’t have a grading theater with a DCI calibrated projector, how do you accurately get your projects to the cinema?

Recently, we got a question from a member who’d like to remain anonymous about moving a project from their direct view setup to the cinema:

‘The standard for cinema is 14 Foot-Lamberts, as you know. To achieve the exact specs on a monitor, should it be 14 FL and P3 color? When I set my monitor to 14 FL to achieve the standard, content looks far darker than a 14 FL cinema screen. Why is that?’

There is a lot to discuss in these questions!

In this installment of the Mailbag, we discuss the member’s questions and why trusting standards and DCP tools is a smart way to handle these situations.

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Enjoy the Mailbag!

-Team Mixing Light

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