Colorist Podcast Episode 23

Colorist Podcast EP 022: Dado Valentic

March 19, 2018

In this installment of the Colorist Podcast, Josh sits down with colorist, trainer and industry visionary Dado Valentic to discuss his much talked about presentation on color grading and AI, HDR workflow, on tools for colorists and more!


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On this episode of the colorist podcast, I talk with Color Scientist and Trainer, Dado Valentic.

Recently, Dado’s presentation about Artificial Intelligence and Color Grading has been making it’s way through the internet. In this YouTube video, he poses a question: Can we make the colorist’s job easier by using machine learning to match shots? This is the basis for a new plug-in he is developing for DaVinci Resolve called, “Joi”.

Originally from Yugoslavia, Dado career has spanned from working at corporations like Apple and Sony, to running his own post-production facility, “MyTherapy.” There he worked on a massive amount of projects in TV, film and commercials. In addition, he is a trainer for the International Colorist Academy and Colour.Training. Currently, he’s decided to put his full focus on developing new software with his latest company “Colourlab”.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Starting at Apple and how he first became exposed to color grading
  • Machine learning and how it relates to color grading
  • Working with HDR in a color managed workflow
  • Being involved early in the filmmaking process
  • How teaching has increased his skills as a colorist
  • The tools that haven’t been created yet for the colorist
  • Creating the “look” before the balance grade
  • Running a facility versus being a colorist
  • Why the CSI is an important group for colorists

AI & Machine Learning to Colour Grading

Dado’s Website



Enjoy The Podcast!


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