On Overview Of The "Pre-Conformed Workflow" In DaVinci Resolve

On Overview Of The “Pre-Conformed Workflow” In DaVinci Resolve

April 30, 2013

This workflow is an ultimate timesaver and involves getting a single flattened video clip of the project you're grading and using Resolve to slice it up.


Pre-Conformed Workflow

I’ve noticed online that people have had a little trouble getting the hang of the pre-conform workflow in Resolve. The workflow is an ultimate timesaver and involves getting a single flattened video clip of the project you’re grading and then using Resolve to slice it up.

It’s a process that once you do it once you’ll be able to do it on every project. In the video, I cover how quick and easy the workflow is and also point out the biggest issue people run into when using it.


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15 thoughts on “On Overview Of The “Pre-Conformed Workflow” In DaVinci Resolve”

  1. Thanks! This should save me a lot of time and help even out that nasty Adobe Premiere native AVCHD workflow.

    I discovered it is also important to make sure the project’s timecode frame rate (in gear icon settings) matches the rate in the EDL, otherwise Resolve will crash to the desktop. Maybe not a common problem since almost everyone works at the same FPS all the time, but it happened to me.

  2. Hey Nick! Glad it helps! Its a great workflow when you have issues with frame rate or codecs. I must check out that crashing your having as it would be good to report it to DaVinci as a bug.

  3. How do you approach a dissolve? If there are no handles before and after (since it’s a flat video), how do you approach effectively carrying a dissolve between differently graded shots?

    Thanks for any feedback Dan! Awesome tutorials!

      1. That makes perfect sense. I guess what I was looking for is how I might approach it in situations where I don’t get an EDL but instead have to approach it with a scene cut detection method but I think I’ve got that figured out. It was probably the wrong place to ask the questions since this video deals with the EDL workflow. Thanks for the response Patrick!

  4. Oh my word! I just spent two hours struggling to do a “simple” notching of a mixdown video MXF from Avid using an EDL until finding this video. Nowhere else in the manual or searching online have I read about the timecode issue (mixdown timecode starts at 00:00:00:00 even though the sequence I mixed down started at 10:00:00:00). I think the annual fee may well be worth it for this tip alone! Thanks for saving my skin (and my Friday night!)

  5. I’m having a problem with the EDL preconform. I have a 1h TV show and the more it goes, the more the EDL cuts are off. I think it is a dropframe problem but I don’t know how to fix it. The EDL is coming from Final Cut Pro.

    1. Pierre – slippage def. sounds like a drop/non drop issue. What is your resolve set to? Can you open the EDL in text edit to verify what its set at? If the EDL is wrong should be fairly simple to edit the EDL to the correct TC (guessing drop).

      1. I did one edl with dropframe and the other non-drop and opened both in text edit to compare. Both look exactly the same (non-drop). I decided to work with the scene cut detector for that project, I was in a rush. Thank you!

    1. Hey Danny,

      It most certainly is!

      The secret is add each clip that you would like to pre conform into a separate bin. This means when you go to load a pre conform edl resolve will ask you which bin to load it from and will then only look at that clip for the pre conform.

      Using this method you can have as many pre conformed timelines in the same project as you’d like!

      Hope this helps,


  6. Just made a rush job SO much easier. Just had to remember to drop everything down to video track 1 the Premiere project, export an EDL, and it worked perfectly (even w all the media offline).Many thanks for the time saving tip!!

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