Video Noise Reduction in Resolve Part 2: Neat Video OFX Plug-In

Video Noise Reduction In DaVinci Resolve: The Built-In Toolset

December 8, 2013

Explore DaVinci Resolve 10's built-in video noise reduction tools. It's available to paid owners Resolve 10. Should you upgrade? Watch Parts 1 & 2...


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Video Noise Reduction In Resolve 10, Part 1: Built-In Toolset

Video noise? Yeah, I hate it too!

It’s a fact – as a colorist you’ll face footage every day that has varying amounts of noise. Even if you apply an amazing grade, noise can still distract a viewer.

Noise can be the result of a few different things including:

  • Shooting In Low Light
  • High ISO Values
  • Pushing and Pulling Contrast
  • Chroma macro-blocking for low bit rate codecs

In this Insight, the first in a two-part series on video noise reduction in DaVinci Resolve, I’ll explore Resolve’s built-in noise reduction tools. Owners of the paid version of Resolve 10 can leverage the Spatial and the new Temporal noise reduction tools. You’ll learn how to quickly apply noise reduction and how the different parameters work.

Also, because video noise reduction is such an intensive task, you’ll see how to use Resolve’s Render Cache to get better playback performance.

In the second Insight in this series, we’ll take a look at the new OFX plug-in from the team at Neat Video which is a great tool, but also a fantastic option if you’re not working with the full version of Resolve. We’ll explore how it works, and check out the results it yields compared to Resolve’s built-in tools – so stay tuned for that!

Thanks to Martha Conboy for the shot!

Questions? Comments? Use the comments below to start a discussion on this Insight. Or ask a question if something I did confuses you.

– Robbie

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Homepage Forums Video Noise Reduction In DaVinci Resolve: The Built-In Toolset

  • Remco Hekker

    Nice demo Robbie. Excited to see how Neat video holds up.

  • RobbieCarman

    Thanks Remco! You’ll only have to wait until tomorrow!

  • Steve Sebban

    Thank Robbie. I really cannot way until tomorrow for the comparison with Neat. I asked them a few weeks ago how they compare to the build-in NR and couldn’t tell me.

  • Hey Robbie any idea why temporal noise reduction doesn’t work on a splitter combiner blue channel alone?
    Do you recommend noise reduction before or after contrast is applied?

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