Color Correcting A Film Trailer: Simple Compositing (in DaVinci Resolve)

Color Correcting A Film Trailer: Simple Compositing (in DaVinci Resolve)

December 18, 2013

Can you perform simple compositing in DaVinci Resolve? Yes. Plus, you can use blending modes and alpha channels to add visual effects or graphics.


Day 18: 20 Insights in 20 Days Holiday Marathon

Simple Compositing DaVinci Resolve

At some point in every colorist’s life you will get the dreaded request from the client “can we add the final graphics, or tweak the pictures?” It’s pretty common to get these last-minute graphic changes. I used to refuse these as a matter of principle in typical Dr. McCoy style “I’m a doctor, not a coal miner.” As you know deadlines are getting tighter and tighter and this isn’t an option anymore.

Until version 10 of Resolve was released this used to be a very difficult challenge. Grades could go missing or tracking data wouldn’t copy across. Now that I do have version 10 and especially the sapphire plugins its become very simple to perform Simple Compositing DaVinci Resolve.

To be honest I have never been happier creatively. I used to dread anything to do with VFX or graphics but I find when I have the options available such as plates and layers I almost always take advantage and try and composite in Resolve.

We’re not speaking about Smoke or Nuke level work here that would require advanced tracking or hardcore rotoscoping. Just simple compositing Davinci Resolve of VFX elements or changing out troublesome VFX plates. Check out the video to see what I’ve been up to!

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    • Remco Hekker

      Hi Dan, I love seeing you work like this. I especially like how you shape the main subject after your first basegrade. I will watch your first series on beauty grades again (and again) , and I hope, next time, you can take just a little bit more time to show us those extra special nodes. I learn a lot from them. Can’t wait for your next series.

      Kind regards

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