NAB 2018 & The Harris DL860 Is It Working?

April 4, 2018

We discuss our 2018 NAB teaching plans and where to find Patrick on the show floor? We answer a member's question about the Harris DL860.


Team Mixing Light’s NAB Plans & Is My Legalizer Really Working?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s NAB time again (where does the rest of the year go?).

Once again, Team Mixing Light will be heading to Sin City to join the festivities, do plenty of teaching and co-host what’s become one of the hottest parties at NAB!

Check out part 1, to learn about our plans, and if you’re attending the 6th Annual Colorist Mixer, be sure to say hi to Robbie, Patrick, Dan and many of our great contributors.

In part 2, we dive into a question that we’ve been procrastinating answering for the longest time – mainly because we thought the answer might be overly complicated, but it turns out it wasn’t! Sorry to our member Steven for taking so long to answer this one:

‘I have a question about the Harris DL860. I am trying to legalize video according to your nice articles, but it seems like it doesn’t get colors within legal RGB gamut. I check it with Scope Box, using the g to r and g to b channel plots, but it doesn’t push the colors within the box, it just slightly nudges them. If I push the Harris settings drastically, it kinda gets them there, but I want my settings at 5-700mV.’

In addition to covering Steven’s issues, we’ll also discuss the real value of legalization in UHD and beyond workflows and what are the goals of many QC departments at various broadcasters around the world.

Got a question or something you’d like Team Mixing Light to discuss?

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Enjoy the Mailbag!

-Team Mixing Light

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