Film Print Emulation: Dehancer Pro v7 Review – Part 1

August 8, 2023

Colorist Peder Morgenthaler reviews the popular Dehancer Pro OFX plugin for DaVinci Resolve for creating detailed filmic looks.


Dehancer Overview & Film Stock Settings

In this two-part continuation of the Film Print Emulation series, we examine the popular Dehancer Pro OFX plugin for DaVinci Resolve.  Dehancer Pro includes a suite of tools to help users create detailed filmic looks including:

  • 63 negative & print film profiles
  • Photochemical process emulations
  • A bevy of nuanced tools for:
    • Film grain
    • Halation
    • Film damage
    • Gate weave
    • And more

Dehancer Pro is one of the most detailed film emulation plugins on the market, and I’m excited to show you how it works. In Part 1 of this review, you’ll get an overview of Dehancer Pro v7, including a look at the core toolset – negative and print film profile selection plus tonal controls.

Why Dehancer Pro?

I’ve heard a lot about Dehancer Pro over the years, and we’ve gotten several requests from Mixing Light members to feature Dehancer in this film emulation series. I was excited to evaluate this well-known plugin and see what all the fuss was about! I want to thank the good folks at Dehancer for providing me with a temporary review license. We’ve worked to ensure my review is honest, including not showing Dehancer this review until it was finished and ready for publication.

I found it’s one of the most fully-featured plugins on the market, with a vast potential to create exciting custom looks, but not without its quirks. To use it effectively in a color-managed workflow, it helps to read the manual (of course) & understand its particular way of handling signal input and output. Understanding this will help you in evaluating whether the plugin fits your particular workflow, and will help you avoid unexpected results.

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight you should understand how to:

  • Use Dehancer in a color-managed workflow in Resolve to achieve diverse and interesting film looks
  • Navigate the Dehancer plugin interface
  • Select negative & print film profiles
  • Enable/disable individual tools and adjust their settings

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– Peder

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