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Broadcast Safe & Grouping With LUTs

September 10, 2014

In this episode of From The MailBag, learn about Resolve 11's new broadcast safe option & how to use LUTs while Grouping.


Episode 15: From The Mailbag

Are You Using The New Broadcast Safe Option In Resolve 11? & How Do You Use LUTs With Grouping?

Yep!  The MailBag questions keep coming in, so we’re back with another installment.

This time around we have two great questions from members Colin & Greg

Remember, if you have questions that you’d like to get an opinion on please use the contact form. Your questions can be aesthetic, technical or even client related. We’d love to hear from you, and your question might make future episodes of From the Mailbag.

Broadcast Safe

Up first, we got a question from long time Mixing Light Member Colin. He asks:

Curious if you have something coming in the Insights for the latest grades on R11 and Broadcast Safe. I am wondering what you now advise besides that setting – also do you recommend doing a soft clip lut as well?

The new broadcast safe functionality is something that we’ve been getting asked A LOT about in Resolve 11.  We will have some video Insights coming out about this new option – how it works, how effective it is, etc.  However, in the meantime, we decided to tackle Colin’s questions in a discussion about broadcast safe and the techniques that we use.

Grouping When Using LUTs

To give you some context for the next question, for the past couple weeks Patrick and Robbie have been going back and forth on email with Mixing Light member Greg discussing the use of LUTs and LUT generators like the OFX plugin Film Convert.

Part of the discussion was also considering Resolve 11’s new grouping functionality – where would you place a LUT or use a plugin like Film Convert?  Pre-Clip, Clip, or Post-Clip?

We thought that there was a lot useful information in this discussion so we decided to focus a part of this MailBag to grouping and LUTs.

In a perfect world I would think you would want to apply film convert with one setting like velvia or something to all the clips in say a music video without having to tweak it in a million places. But I can see some clips might need to be brightened or darkened before or after it’s applied. Also, since Film Convert messes with the color balance would you do the balancing after it’s applied? Don’t they get those profiles by balancing the footage to a chart? I definitely saw they removed green from the shot.

We break down this question in Part 2 and in the general the back and forth we’ve been having with Greg, and discuss our opinions of grouping and use of LUTs.

MailBag Notes

For more on various broadcast safe options, we have a whole series on Broadcast Safe starting with this InsightWe’ll be adding one specifically on Resolve 11’s new Broadcast safe functionality soon!

Patrick also did a series on Film Convert.  You can find the first installment HERE.

Finally, we mentioned but could not recall where to enable the option in Resolve 11 to view the highlight mode for areas of an image that are illegal.  After enabling the Broadcast Safe option in Project Preferences > Look Up Tables simply go to the View menu and choose “Display Broadcast Safe Exceptions”.

Enjoy the Mail Bag!

– Team Mixing Light

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