Blackmagic Design Conference & Thoughts On The New iMac Pro

January 7, 2018

Team Mixing Light discusses the first ever Blackmagic Design Conference & Expo as well as our thoughts on Apple's latest - the iMac Pro.

Day 7: 24 Insights in 24 Days 2018 New Year Marathon

A Brand New Blackmagic Themed Conference & Is the New iMac Pro A Good Fit In The Color Suite?

A happy new year from Team Mixing Light! We hope that your year is off to a great start and that you’re enjoying our annual 24 Insights and 24 days Marathon.

We have a little over two weeks to go in the marathon and still have some really exciting Insights coming up from Dan, Patrick and Robbie, but also from many new and returning contributors!  You’ll definitely want to check in each day in January to see what’s new.

Each Sunday during the marathon we’ll have an installment of From The MailBag!

Remember, you can submit your questions via the contact form or by emailing us at Your questions can be technical, creative, about gear or anything else related to the world of color correction.

We do have an announcement regarding MailBag episodes.  Starting in February, MailBags will be a weekly feature – combined with another new weekly feature we can’t talk about quite yet…

Team Mixing Light will be delivering more member content than ever in 2018!

The Blackmagic Design Conference & Expo

Over the past year, Blackmagic has been making a strong push into education – they’ve launched an official training program (of which Mixing Light is proud to be part), published courseware for Resolve, and have been more active in training events at conferences like NAB, IBC and Editors Retreat.

Last year, Blackmagic and Future Media Concepts (the nation’s largest production/post conference producer) started talking about a Blackmagic Design themed conference.  Flash forward a few months, after they came to an agreement, Robbie was asked to be the program manager for the first ever Blackmagic Design Conference & Expo.

The conference is happening February 11-13th in Los Angeles.  Featuring a day of warm-up sessions, and two full days sessions covering editing in Resolve, advanced color correction techniques, color management and more, the conference is a jam-packed educational opportunity.  The best part?  The price!  At only $475 dollars ($285 student rate) the conference is a great investment.

In Part 1, we talk in more detail about the conference and why we’re so excited about it!

Thoughts On The iMac Pro

For the past couple weeks, forums, Twitter & Facebook groups have been alive with discussion about the new iMac Pro that Apple officially released in December.

Like many things Apple related, the iMac Pro has caused quite a stir; some people have lauded it as the best computer Apple has ever made and proves that Apple is committed to the pro market, while others have slammed the design of the machine due to its lack of upgradability.

One thing is certain – on paper the iMac Pro appears to be a beast – with up to an 18-core Xeon processor, 128 GB DDR4 ECC memory, 4TB NVMe SSD, and a Radeon 64 16GB graphics card. But is this machine a good fit for the typical color suite?

In Part 2, we discuss the pros/cons of the new iMac Pro, lavish praise on it, while scratching our heads about the un-modular nature of it.  This is a fun discussion!

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