Backing Up Resolve Databases & Your Computer

February 20, 2018

One of our members asks about backing up Resolve databases and computers. This is an essential skill for colorists, listen to how we do it.


From The MailBag Episode 45:  Back It Up!

We’ve all been there – lost projects, media offline, a knot in the throat, and sour stomach realizing you might be screwed.

If you’ve worked in production or post long enough, you know that back-up of projects and media is an essential life skill!  In this episode of From The Mailbag, we answer a question from Mixing Light member Per:

‘Hi, could you help me to set up and make a backup-system on my “film computer”? Can it be done on some sort of remote program? I lost a project just now and I am afraid of losing more, and plus, I’m a subscriber 🙂 Please help! Regards..Per’

Thanks for the question Per!  A good backup routine is vital to surviving the always looming computer or storage crash. Not only does backup prevent (hopefully) pain in the butt situations, in many cases, it can mean getting paid or not, or keeping a client or losing one. So yes, backup of databases and your computer is important!

In this episode, we discuss backup – both for databases as well as for system backup, and discuss different ways to handle these tasks.

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Enjoy the Mailbag!

-Team Mixing Light

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