Commercial One

Behind The Curtain – Commercial 1: From Base Grade to Final Look

February 21, 2018

Dan returns to his Behind The Curtain series with a real-time insight that shows his approaches to this commercial grade. He covers primaries, look theory, shot matching and Look refinement.


Part 4: Color Grading Commercial #1

In this Insight we are going to take a look at the grade on commercial one out of 10. It’s the most basic on the technique front but it’s a great example of the thought process behind a look supporting the narrative.

The Grade

In the video below I show my real-time approach to grading the commercial.

These are a great chance to experiment with how the behind the curtain series progresses and grows.

The footage is good enough to give it a nice look, it has a couple of minor issues that I fix and it’s also not too long so I can do it all in real time.

A breakdown of the ideas and processes I cover in the video below :

  • The thoughts behind a “movie night” look in an average everyday kitchen
  • Establishing the brightness levels
  • Establishing the color¬†temperature
  • Starting The Match
  • Watching and Observing!
  • Refining the look based on all the footage

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Homepage Forums Behind The Curtain – Commercial 1: From Base Grade to Final Look

  • Hey Dan, Sooo glad this series is still alive..! Personally I don’t mind if you use the panel, although super helpful to hear you say what controls you’re choosing i.e. temp and tint… or Y-LGG as opposed to contrast rings. Thanks for getting back to this one..!

  • Bernd Gareis

    Great one, and I share Dannys Opinion, as long as you tell us in detail!, what you do, use the panel (so do I).


    Yea, feel free to work on the panel while telling us what you’re doing. We can see the results better.

  • Kunal T

    Thank you Dan

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