A Career As A Colorist: The Best Advice We’ve Received

June 6, 2018

We discuss the best advice we've received for our color grading careers. From attitude to technical to creative, we share what's worked.


From The MailBag Episode 52

The Best Advice That We’ve Received That’s Helped Our Color Grading Careers

Back in MailBag Episode 50, we gave new and young colorists some advice about how to succeed in their coloring careers. After that episode, we got several very heartfelt emails from members explaining how meaningful some of the things we discussed here were.

Thank you!  We always like hearing we’re making a difference for our members.

In this installment of From The Mailbag,  we want to discuss the other side of the coin – advice that we’ve gotten that has significantly helped us in each of our careers.

Some of the advice we’ve received is simply how to carry one’s self and the attitude you should have in the grading suite.  Some of it is technical like how scopes should be an aid, not something you’re beholden too.  And some of it is about understanding creative highs and lows.

We probably could have gone on for another hour discussing the advice and all of the people who have helped us over the years.  We had a lot of fun in this interesting discussion, and hopefully, you find it informative and helpful

If you want to add to the conversation, please use the comments below – you never know, they might help someone else!

Remember, if you have questions that you’d like to get an opinion on please use the contact form.

Your questions can be aesthetic, technical or even client related. We’d love to hear from you, and your question might make future episodes of From The MailBag.

Enjoy the MailBag!


P.S. Our apologies for some of the Max Headroom glitches in this recording especially on Robbie’s track.  Robbie was on the road for this recording and the hotel Internet wasn’t totally behaving!

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