70s TV Look

Look Inspiration – 70s TV Inspired Retro Look

January 21, 2016

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Look Inspiration – 70s TV Inspired Retro Look

There is a time in every colorists life when we need to add some retro 70s TV vibes to footage!

This insight is based on both creating a parody of 70s tv shows rather than imitating it and also giving difficult tasks your best shot.

When this job started I had two options.

Say this isn’t my department the VFX guys will do this.


Give it my best shot and have fun doing it!

I decided to tell the clients that I would give it my best shot but feel free to throw it in the garbage and get it re-done professionally.

The clients really appreciated my effort and my look ended up making 90% of the vibe that they wanted.

The lesson I learned was always give a 100% sometimes you might surprise yourself!

If you’d like to find the TV that I used to help inspire the look you can find it here.

Check out my video below to check out my cheesy look in action.



70s TV Look

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