Colorist Inspiration – January 2021

January 15, 2021

Dan looks back at a rollercoaster 2020 and his most memorable moments. Then he looks forward to a new color grading suite he's building.

Day 15: 24 Insights in 24 Days New Year Marathon

We Survived 2020!

Long time members of Mixing Light know that I’m quite fond of checking out my own progress at the start of a new year. I find that it helps me see whether I’ve grown as a colourist, if I used my knowledge as best as possible, whether there are techniques I’ve forgotten that I could pick up once again, and to identify areas I have weakened in and need strengthening.

Looking back at 2020 is a totally different feeling. I did some nice work, bought a baselight and took on an office space. I should be incredibly happy!

However, this year has come with some massive challenges with Covid and I’ve found it harder to celebrate achievements this year than I normally would have. As an independent colourist, it’s been a struggle to keep on trucking, staying positive and paying the bills. The most important thing is I made it through in one piece and I’m starting this year with renewed energy and hoping for a more settled year.

Cancelled productions meant dry spells in grade bookings, followed by huge peaks when people could shoot again. Coupled with lots of general mayhem caused by working from home lead to new challenges nobody could have predicted.

Traditionally these Insights are about my most interesting or best grades of the year.

This year I’m mixing it up a little bit and talking about more than just the grades and celebrating some of the little victories too.

If there is a particular project you’d like to see broken down here just let me know and I’ll do my best to get permission to do so.

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